PERSONAL TRAINING, WEIGHT LOSS & BODY COMPOSITION COACHING. Nutrition coaching online or at our location.  Private gym, no membership required (training details here)

Nutrition and Weight loss are no longer the mystery we once thought. The Shrink Shop uses technology and a lot of experience to remove any guesswork
Metabolic testing will tell us where to start. Blood Glucose will show us any obstacles and Ultra sound technology will monitor results.
Beyond the gadgets, good old fashioned conversation will allow us to customize your program to fit your preferences, lifestyle and personal obligations.

Joanne is a former Professional bodybuilder, competing at the Olympia level. She was also a top independent trainer at Golds Gym Venice for over 24 years. With a private gym in Eagle, Idaho Joanne trains a few select clients and offers workshops several times a year. Small business programs are offered in the Eagle location or on site.