Body composition is no longer a mystery. The last half century has caused the weight loss industry to turn on its head with previous information being completely contradicted and dismissed. The advancements in what we know about body composition are exciting, but the influx of new information has left most people utterly confused.

There is no secret to weight loss, but there is a skill to matching the right program to the right person.

The Shrink Shop wants to take the guesswork out of losing weight. Before we even begin, we will do our 5-point assessment that will give us an accurate starting point, and it may give us the information as to why weight loss has been such a struggle in the past.

Our weight loss clinic will measure your metabolic rate to see how much energy you are burning per day, and we will test your blood glucose and lipids to see how your body is accustomed to fueling itself. Without knowing this sort of information, any other diet plan is just guessing, and you start the process running blind.

Studies show that motivation lasts, on average, about three weeks. At The Shrink Shop, we know those initial few weeks are crucial. If we can inspire you with knowledge and a plan that you understand and believe in, then we maximize your results from the very start. Desire is the initial motivator, but as we all know, the best motivation of all comes from getting rewarded for your efforts.


Success is not a matter luck; success is a matter of probability. We at our weight loss clinic want to offer you every advantage so that success becomes a predictable outcome. For this reason, The Shrink Shop offers you everything from home testing products, an accountability app for your phone or in printable form, food measurement tools, and supplements to match your goal type.