In August 2016 Amazon “gated” dietary supplements.  What this meant to sellers was that they could not sell any products without being approved.

For the sellers it meant major quality, FDA and manufacturing compliance.  For the customer it meant that they could be assured that any dietary supplement they bought from Amazon was of the highest quality.

The Shrink Shop brand and supplement line was approved by Amazon in July 2017 which is why we are so proud to offer the following products with more on their way.

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SLEEP FORMULA $22.50 with Prime shipping

A surprisingly high percentage of the population suffer from sleep issues.  It may be the inability to get to sleep or the annoyance of not being able to stay asleep.  Either way poor sleep affects your mood, your performance, your body weight and your ability to lose body weight.

The reasons are many, from the overactive mind, hormonal changes (especially pre and post menopause), stress, body tightness, travel and the amount of time we spend in front of glowing gadgets.

The Sleep Formula supplement is an all natural, non habit forming supplement that works amazingly well because it addresses all the aforementioned reasons for not being able to sleep.

Calcium – a natural relaxant that promotes a feeling of calm

B6 – normalizes our sleep/wake patterns and is required to make serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that controls mood, appetite, sensitivity to pain and … sleep.

Magnesium – relaxes physical tension and tight muscles.

Melatonin – a hormone released from the pineal gland in the brain.  The Pineal gland is inactive during day time but is triggered into action by the darkness of night.  Once released melatonin enters the blood and you start to feel less alert and more ready for sleep.  Melatonin is found naturally in small doses in meats, grains and vegetables.

The brain associates light with day and dark with night and melatonin rather than being a sleep supplement it is rather a darkness simulator.  For those who travel in different time zones melatonin can really help with their circadian cycle (light/dark pattern) although you don’t need to travel to have this problem.  Our smartphones, computers, televisions, even our alarm clocks are confusing our natural cycle and causing sleep problems, we are seeing this especially with the young.  In 2012 Time/Qualcom polled 4700 people in 7 different countries (including the US) and found that young people were more likely to say that they “don’t sleep well because I am connected to technology all the time”

What’s the last thing you look at before sleep?

The Sleep Formula supplement goes even further using a blend of well recognized herbs to promote quality sleep.

GABA (an amino acid) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that dampens nerve activity in the Central Nervous System leading to a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Valerian Root a popular herb for sleep actually increases GABA

Hops Flower is similar to Valerian in being a sedative and hypnotic herb.  Made from the female flower of the hops plant Hops Flower is a popular herb often used in combination with Valerian Root. Both are well tolerated and have been used for centuries.

Skullcap is a muscle relaxant and used for headaches, especially tension headaches.

Chamomile is used for nervous energy and mental anxiety

Passionflower a fabulous addition as it’s the herb that helps keep you asleep! Often used on its own for this one reason.

L Taurine also increases GABA and vegetarians are at risk for being deficient as it is found naturally in

Inositol a sugar found in citrus fruits (negligible calories) that activates pathways to stop your mind from racing.  Inositol quietens that mental chatter that seemingly gets louder when we try to sleep.  Inositol activates serotonin and promotes the calmness needed for sleep

The Sleep Formula supplement will trigger your natural sleep pattern, it will relax your body, quieten your mind, ease anxiety and promote calmness.  It will activate your own neurotransmitters and relieve tension.  It will prepare you for sleep and it will keep you asleep – naturally.

To answer the biggest question of all.  Because The Sleep Formula works with your own regulators to allow for quality sleep it will not leave you with the dreadful hangover of a prescription pill.

Suggested use 1 capsule at night

LIQUID VITAMIN D3 $22.95 with Prime shipping

Your appearance, performance and energy is dependent on your overall health.

Vitamin D3 aids your immune system, your bone and even your muscle health. Found in very small amounts in fatty fish, egg yolk and beef liver and yet many people are finding they are deficient in Vitamin D3.

The body can only make very small amounts of vitamin D when exposed to the sun and even for those who live in a sunny location it is the hands, face, neck and chest which are most exposed and the skin in these areas is too thin to effectively absorb Vitamin D from their sun exposure.

Cholecalciferol is the most active and beneficial form of Vitamin D3. Research now points at Vitamin D3 as the single most important supplement you can take. At 400 iu per drop we offer an easy, effective and flavorless way to take any dose recommended by your doctor; Liquid Vitamin D is the preferred form for the elderly and for those not wanting to take yet another pill. It is also suggested for those with intestinal issues whose digestion may be compromised.

Liquid Vitamin D3 is also the easiest way to adjust your dosage when suggested by your doctor Made in the USA, rigorously tested for purity and potency

OMEGA 3 FISH OIL $19.95 with Prime Shipping

High Potency with EPA 800 mg and DHA 600mg (per 2 softgels)

Suggested use for high cholesterol, inflammation, heart and brain health and triglyceride levels. Our cells are surrounded by a membrane and to nourish the cell nutrients have to pass through this membrane. Rigid cell membranes impact our optimal health. Omega 3 fatty acids may help in membrane flexibility.

The high levels of DHA found in brain cells makes this product an excellent choice for all types of brain health and function. Because Omega 3 fatty acids are thought to be anti inflammatory this product may also help with joint health and skin conditions such as eczema

The Shrink Shop Omega 3 supplement has been taken through a state of the art purification process that removes PCBs dioxins, furans and mercury, so that you can take this powerful supplement without worry of contamination No nasty after taste Suggested use 2 softgels

PROBIOTIC $21 with Prime Shipping

The bacteria in our gut is now recognized as being responsible for our immune system, our mood, appetite metabolism and body weight.

Probiotics are our “Good” bacteria and used for good digestion which in turn is essential to absorbing nutrients from our food, to our metabolism and our ability to lose weight. Our gut becomes compromised because of stress, antibiotics, processed food and illness and poor digestion makes losing weight a frustrating challenge and also causes bloating, food intolerances and both mental and physical fatigue

Probiotics are one of the most powerful supplements you can take because everything starts with your gut. The Gut (from where food enters the body to where it leaves the body) is a powerful communicator and it is the first to tell you when something is not right. Feel better both mentally and physically, look better, relief from bloating and tiredness, suitable for any age.

Made in the USA to the highest quality and GMP certified. Suggested 1 tablet twice a day or as recommended by your health practitioner.

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