We still get very excited when we meet new people for their first consultation at The Shrink Shop.
Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment in you have not yet completed the questionnaire.
Then please allow 90 minutes for the consultation itself,

For the Metabolic Test and the Lipid Test it is preferred that you come with an empty stomach, although if this is not the case just let us know so that we can make a note.
We will have snacks and drinks so do not worry about getting hungry.

For more details on each test please click here

1. 10 minute Basal Metabolic Rate Test.
While you are doing the test we go over your questionnaire.

2. Blood Glucose Test
Let’s get this out of the way so that you can eat.
If you do not come with an empty stomach you can come back at any time to take the test separately.

4. 35 minute presentation to educate you on the physiology behind body composition.
We promise you at least a couple of “AH HA” moments in this fun and illuminating presentation.
The most common thing we hear is “Why don’t we get taught this?” We wish we knew the answer and often parents bring their children back just to hear this.

By now you will be pretty excited so it is the best time to do the painful work

5. Weight, Body Fat and Measurements. 

6. Discussion to decide how best to design your nutrition plan.
We want to know about your schedule, your obligations, your preferences and generally what makes you tick. Nutrition should fit into your life, you should not have to make your life fit into nutrition.

7. You will be given access to our nutrition program. You will have the option of using our app on your phone to track your meals and exercise.

At this point you will have the chance to purchase any supplies you might need from our store and we will get to work using the food preferences you gave us to design your meal plan.

Your plan will be emailed to you within 48 hours and when you return for your next consultation we will provide you with your folder so that you have your own printed version.
We strongly suggest grabbing hold of the momentum and booking your next session within a few days if possible or at least within a week of your initial consultation.
You will have a head full of new information and success comes from correct implementation of that knowledge, let us help you make a strong start.