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  1.  Initial 90 minute consultation.  Metabolic testing, blood glucose testing, ultrasound body composition testing, personalized nutrition plan, Goal setting. $200  For full details  please go to INITIAL CONSULT
  2. Each appointment will give you full email and/or text support for 3 weeks.  In this time we can answer questions and make adjustments to your program
  3. Follow up appointments are 60 minutes ($100)
  4. At first, we suggest appointments 2 weeks apart and then move to 3 – 4 week intervals.  For frequent appointments the support time does roll over.

For more information on the Initial Consult please click here


Golds Gym Venice CA is the most famous gym in the world.  It is the mecca of everything  fitness.  To survive as an independent trainer there you better be better than good!  Full of professional athletes and celebrities the members themselves are rather impressive.  I was a trainer there for 24 years, I have seen it all and worked alongside the best.  I was undoubtedly the most recognized and one of the best female trainers in the most famous gym in the world.

I tell you this because after being surrounded by thousands of people every day for 24 years having my own private gym is like a little slice of Heaven.

In designing the gym I picked out my very favorite pieces of equipment (both new and old school) and after a little bit of sourcing, we were able to build our dream gym – with NOBODY in it!  If I was good in Venice can you imagine how excited I am to be able to train clients and have access to everything without any interruption.

I offer one on one personal training ($80)  You are welcome to split your session with your friends

Two People – $45 each

Three People – $35 each

10% Discount when you purchase 10 sessions or more

Please note 24 hour cancellation policy.

Bulk session must be used within 6 months of purchase and may be gifted to friends and family

If you would like to visit the gym (and me) before committing please call/text 310 704 6569


This is where we combine nutrition presentations with fitness training.

Workshops are either 1 or 2 days and are held in Eagle Idaho.  There is an option for up to  4 people to stay at our location

We have a 6 part seminar series and in a 2 day workshop we cover all 6 presentations .  We  start with the basics of food and work into topics that include, stress and weight gain, water retention and bloating, childhood obesity, alcohol,  the simple science of losing weight, why all diets are basically the same, the most effective exercises, why most people never change, hormones and getting older.

We can also tailor presentations to match s workshop group.  We have had huge success with this seminar series, please read reviews here  feel free to video yourself.

Then we have gym time, where we explain the best workouts for your goal and body type

Ladies over 35 there is a workshop just for you !

Businesses I can can bring the presentations to your workplace or you can send groups of employees to our workshops.  Everybody is welcome and in the workplace it is powerful when everybody has the same information and can support each other is healthy habits .  Tell me what you want your employees to get from a workshop and I will design specifically with your goal in mind.

Contact us here for more details or to discuss


in our nutrition business I was constantly advising people on different products.  I felt like I was doing my clients a disservice by not providing the products they needed so I spent 2016 creating The Shrink Shop line.  Amazon approved the brand in 2017 you can find the brand here 

I can tell you how to eat and how to train but if you have a huge amount of stress, if you don’t sleep well or if your digestion is compromised it is going to be real challenge to hit your goal.  The Shrink Shop is therefore dedicated to providing you products that improve your quality of life, your personal happiness and so move you towards your physical goal.  It’s not all about food and exercise, its about your happiness, moving pain free, having a clear mind and finding enjoyment in life – we offer you our awesome all natural Sleep Formula but you might also find us offering a fabulous pair of socks or a pillow case.  Products that even in the smallest way make a positive impact on your life.