The blood glucose test tells us what is in your blood at that moment in time. The HA1C test tells us what has been going on for the last few months.
Blood sugar (all explained in your first meeting) attaches itself to cells in your bloodstream; when this happens, the cells are said to be “glycated”. The more sugar is in your blood, the higher the percentage of “glycated” A1C cells.

Once a cell is “glycated,” it stays that way for the average lifespan of a cell: four months.

The HA1C test will then tell us how much sugar has been in the blood over the last two to three months.

We want to know this information so that we can establish an accurate starting point. We want to know what your body has been dealing with in the last few months, as this will indicate the hormonal response you have been dealing with. This test will show us if you have been creating a fat storage environment that needs correcting.

We advise re-testing every two to three months. This way, we can assess how your weight loss program is working and if a healthy diet has altered the blood sugar levels.


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