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The Shrink Shop is intended to provide you with every possible advantage so that you can reach your health and fitness goals.

Phase 1 of our business is to provide you with the information you need and the technology to assess and monitor your progress. We do this with our 5 Step Initial Consultation, our customized nutrition program and our selection of services and products.

Phase 2 coming in 2017!
These two technologies have been around for decades with huge success rates. Although you will be able to purchase individual sessions of each treatment, it is the combination of both technologies that has The Shrink Shop especially excited.

Let us start with Endermologie™

Endermologie™ is a nonsurgical procedure, and it is the first cellulite treatment to be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Endermologie™ helps improve the appearance of cellulite, a condition that affects over 80 percent of women and can be very much diet and exercise resistant. Endermologie™ is also widely used to relieve water retention and drainage, pain relief, stiff joints, burns, scars, circulation, complexion and release fat storage.

The reason that Endermologie™ is such a good fit for The Shrink Shop is because we teach how correct nutrition allows for the breakdown of body fat during Phase 1 of the process. When body fat is broken down, it can enter the blood and be used as fuel. This is how we lose weight. This breakdown is called “lipolysis” and is central to what we teach. Imagine then that you know how to eat to allow for the breakdown of body fat (lipolysis), and then we add Endermologie™ – the technology that mechanically increases lipolysis.

No matter our body shape, we all have the stubborn areas of fat that are hard to lose. Hormones and the activity to cell receptors are primarily responsible, yet Endermologie™ triggers lipolysis (fat breakdown) in the core of the adipocyte (fat cell). The lipo massage machine enables a deep mechanization of the tissue to activate lipolysis.

The Integral Module 6 is the most recent Endermologie™ technology. It is proven to be up to six times more effective than previous models. A series of 12 sessions is advised, following which a monthly treatment is recommended.

Endermologie™ feels great, instantly relieves water retention and bloating, and it can help rid you of stubborn fat and cellulite.

Uses of Endermologie™:

  • Cellulite
  • Fat storage
  • Circulation
  • Pain management
  • Lymphatic drainage and venal issues
  • Stiff joints and tendons
  • Increases collagen production
  • Improves skin tone and complexion.infared



An infrared sauna is described as “a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. These saunas are sometimes called far-infrared saunas — “far” describes where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. A traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you. The appeal of saunas, in general, is that they cause reactions, such as vigorous sweating and increased heart rate, similar to those elicited by moderate exercise. An infrared sauna produces these results at lower temperatures than does a regular sauna, which makes it accessible to people who can’t tolerate the heat of a conventional sauna.” – Mayo clinic

Infrared penetrates much deeper than a regular sauna and is said to release 7 times more because of this depth of penetration. Infrared has been used for many years for weight loss, circulation, pain relief, skin purification, and simply for relaxation.

The Shrink Shop is so excited about Infrared because of its ability to mobilize and burn stored body fat. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat, which means that body fat is released into the blood to be used as fuel. As you might already know, if you do not use it as fuel, all of that fat will go right back into storage! This is called a “Futile Cycle,” and it is one reason why dieting alone is a tough way to lose weight.

If we can release stored body fat by nutrition and Endermologie™, then that fat enters into the blood and is ready to be used as fuel. The Shrink Shop is going to encourage you to exercise more to burn up that newly released fat, and we will also be able to offer you infrared that will burn that fat off for you. A 30-minute infrared session can burn between 400 and 600 calories.

This is fabulous for everyone and especially useful when someone cannot be as active as they would like.

Infrared Blanket

Infrared comes in many forms, from a sauna room to an individual sauna pod. The Shrink Shop decided upon the infrared blanket because of its effectiveness. You will simply lie in the sauna blanket! The convenience and cost of the blanket are more effective than a sauna room, and your head and hands are free, which allows for added comfort.

To lose weight, we have to break down stored fat (Lipolysis), and we then have to burn that fat off as fuel. When we do this, we lose weight.

The Shrink Shop is here to teach you how to do this with nutrition and exercise, and we are excited to offer you the technology to maximize your efforts. Endermologie™ can break down even the most stubborn fat, and Infrared can aid in mobilizing and burning up that fat.

Suggested use

Endermologie™ 45-minute treatment followed by Infrared 30-45 minute treatment.

Contact us today for a diet plan you can follow, learn how to lose weight faster than you ever imagined, and use our technology to see the true changes and improvements you’ve been wanting.

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Why Choose Us?

One of the greatest challenges of our lives may be to lose weight, and body weight may be the single most important factor in achieving good health.

We evolved from the recognition of three things:

  1. Losing weight is no longer a mystery, we know how to achieve it.
  2. People genuinely want to understand the process.
  3. People want it now! 

Our success started when we stopped giving people nutrition and started teaching them nutrition.

**results may vary**


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