blood glucose testTesting Matters

The Shrink Shop puts so much emphasis on blood glucose testing that every client is given their own blood glucose meter.

You cannot burn fat if there is too much sugar in your blood. We have had tremendous success by simply explaining how this works in our initial consultation. We are constantly told by clients that this information has changed their lives, and we are often asked why this is not taught in other programs. We are just as shocked!

The Secret to Weight Loss

Knowing your blood glucose level is the single most important piece of the weight loss puzzle, but it is rarely mentioned unless people face diabetes.

One drop of your blood (it’s painless; we promise!) will show us exactly what your body is burning for fuel at that moment. We track your test results to ensure that the nutrition program we build allows you to burn fat all day, every day.

The accountability that our glucose test brings is outstanding. It is one of those “Ah-ha!” moments that can change the course of your life. That sounds quite grand, but please read our testimonials to see the response we have had!

Try It Yourself

The initial consultation will explain why this test is so interesting and so important. Clients become instantly engaged when they see how a meal impacts their blood sugar levels. Bottom line: You cannot burn fat if you have too much sugar in your blood. This test keeps it real and shows that eating healthfully may not be enough to reach your goals.


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