1. What every diet must do to work

    https://youtu.be/1FjhFcwTMbU In order to lose weight, you have to break down the stored fat on your body.  You have to break down the fat cell and that process is called LIPOLYSIS We have known how lipolysis works since about 1950 but no one really talks about it. In my coaching, I explain lipolysis and in 95% of the time, the client is fascinated.  It's like the penny drops and they totally und…Read More

  2. Why lack of sleep gives you a fat belly

      Hi Ladies So you must know by now that we have a product that helps people sleep. All natural and very effective at getting people to sleep and keeping them asleep. But why would a company that really deals with helping people lose weight want to make its own sleep supplement? Well after figuring out someone's blood sugar the next major obstacle has always been so many people just don't sle…Read More

  3. Video #1 on understanding your body type

    Video #1 on recognizing your body type. We an do all the work in the gym and in the kitchen but we are somewhat limited by our body type. I a never going to have a tiny waist and I build muscle very easily In this video I describe the difference between estrogenic and andropgenic body types and how to train appropriately enjoy the shrink shop supplements can be found at www.amazon.com/shops/theshr…Read More

  4. A recap of a consult today with a lady that wants to gain weight!

    Although you may not relate to this ladies concern about wanting to gain weight but you may relate to what she is dealing with in life This video is to illustrate why to work with someone its really about the conversation and not just the goal they may have enjoy The supplements I suggested can be found at www.amazon.com/shops/theshrinkshop…Read More

  5. Sleep formula now on Amazon !

    A surprisingly high percentage of the population suffer from sleep issues.  It may be the inability to get to sleep or the annoyance of not being able to stay asleep.  Either way poor sleep affects your mood, your performance, your body weight and your ability to lose body weight. The reasons are many, from the overactive mind, hormonal changes (especially pre and post menopause), stress, body t…Read More


      https://youtu.be/ZWFOqpmq4Bo I recently had a kidney infection, without doubt the sickest I have ever been in my life.  My doctor put me on some knarly antibiotics which did the trick but within a day my digestive system just shut down.  It was like putting food in a bucket, nothing happened to it, no acid or bacteria to break it down - it just sat there.  Appetite gone, tired and very u…Read More


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgmDVjT2RTE&feature=youtu.be By now you will have heard that dietary fat is not the devil we once thought it was. You would like to believe it but you cant quite figure eating what egg yolk or piece of cheese. Let me explain how very different fat is to protein or carbohydrates and how it can help you lose weight. I strongly suggest taking a Krill oil (fa…Read More

  8. How Does Blood Sugar Effect Weight Loss?

    We at The Shrink Shop know that one of the most important tools to successfully losing weight is having a solid understanding of your blood sugar and how it may be preventing you from losing weight. In fact, by learning how to naturally regulate your blood sugar, you may be able to better control your weight loss. Whenever we eat, our bodies take the carbohydrates we’ve ingested and turn them in…Read More

  9. Probiotics

    Probiotics are recognized as one of the most recent wonder supplements.  Not until 2008 did we realize the true importance of gut health with regard to body composition, weight loss, appetite, mood, energy and of course digestion.  We class this as an  essential supplement to be taken by every one daily.  All supplements can be purchased as www.the-shrink-shop.myshopify.com   https://www.…Read More

  10. Krill Oil – Omega 3

    Why we chose Krill Oil for our Omega 3 supplement.  Krill has no risk of Mercury contamination and uniquely contains an anti oxidant which is especially good for great skin.  Please watch to find out more.  All supplements can be purchased at www.the-shrink-shop.myshopify.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYYsyLwpl5g  …Read More