Basal Metabolic Test

How It Works

This 10-minute breath test tells us exactly how many calories your body needs per day at rest. By measuring the oxygen in your breath, we can calculate how much energy you are burning.

This test is essential in knowing where to start. If a nutrition program is based on a caloric intake far below your metabolic rate, your body will eventually slow down, burn fewer calories, and eventually, lead to the weight rebound experienced by so many.

Why Metabolic Testing Matters

A recent article was published about the winners of the TV show The Biggest Loser. Thirteen of the 14 winners had regained all their weight and more because the show compromised their metabolic rate and (I am assuming) did not educate the contestants on how to eat after the show ended.

The body has an incredible ability to adjust to any environment we subject it to. If we eat too little for too long, it will become super-efficient to burn less energy.

It has been especially interesting to work with chronic dieters who have reduced their metabolic rate by 40 percent. On the flip side, it’s always fascinating to work with the elderly who have increased their metabolic rate above that of a 30-year-old. Your metabolic rate is not fixed and can be improved upon at any age.

Make a Change

Your metabolism can drop in the first month of some diets. You might lose weight at first, but it is guaranteed that the weight is coming back.

This can all be avoided by knowing your resting metabolic rate and designing a nutrition program around it. By re-testing, we can ensure that your metabolic rate does not drop (hopefully, it will increase).

It would seem pretty ridiculous to start any nutrition program without knowing this information.

It is a 10-minute, seated breath test using Korr Laboratories ‘Metacheck’ technology.

We advise re-testing every 4-6 weeks.

**results may vary**

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